Why We Don't Provide Cash On Delivery (COD) Facility

Disadvantages of Cash on Delivery (CoD)

Vulnerable to Losses

One of the challenges with cash on delivery is that it makes the seller vulnerable to losses when the customer returns the Product without paying for it. We spend all the money to deliver the product, but ultimately it got replaced. This adds to Seller revenue loss.

There has been a precedence of fraudulent activities in case of cash on delivery. As there is no authenticity of the available customer information, the chances of frauds become more.

Additional Costs

Courier companies charge you an amount when you opt for the cash on delivery payment option. Since shifting these costs to our customers can be tricky, most sellers soon feel the burden of these costs.

Pre-paid Product Delivery Time :-

Jammu And Kashmir And North East (India) :- UpTo 5 Days !!

Rest of The India :- 2 to 4 Days (Depends on Distance From New Delhi)

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